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Educating Princess Jewel-1st trailer ride :)

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Educating Princess Jewel-1st trailer ride :)
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8ROxKYOwjU  This is Jewel's daddy!
    Had fun working with Jewel this afternoon, we had fireworks!  She's very affectionate, too much actually and starts using people like scratching posts and knocking you over and walking on you.  If you are scratching her, she sometimes paws like a dog when you've hit the right spot!  Never had a horse do that, but oww!!  Worked on her moving away and around me in the round pen on a lunge line and once she figured out this wasn't so much play and I wasn't letting her stop to say Hi to everyone on the rail or sniff her bucket, etc., she turned her butt to me and started to do "airs above the ground!"  That girl has springs in her legs.  I swear she would bounce up about 3 feet off the ground with all four feet and then cowkick toward me or try to turn and go the other direction.  I persisted and we finally worked it out and she did a slow walk both directions, so progress!  She certainly is athletic and really needs to be in with other horses to teach her some lessons about respect.  She's kept all by herself and I think that will be really good for her.  We also did some lateral work, sacked her out with a saddle pad (no problem), draped the cotton lunge line all over her topline and swung it against and around her legs.  She did fine.  Keeps trying to eat everything, we keep telling her she's a giraffe 'cause her lips are always poking out and wiggling around.
  • Hi Dana,
     compliments. Daddy has some of the finest dressage blood if Germany. I couldn't see the pics you posted of her, for some reason they wouldn't open. But if she is anything like her dad, you snatched a good horse. I also found on the YouTube site a video of a half-Araban filly of him. Wow......
  • Thanks!  I had nothing to do with it.  My friend picked him out but it looks like she did a good job.
    I guess we can't PM anymore, otherwise I'd try to send you pictures of Jewel.

  • PMs should be working.
  • Where's the button for PM's?  Used to under the avatar area, I thought.
  • You have to mouse over the member's name.  [':)']

    Glad I paused to watch the video.  WOW Dana!  Explains why Jewel is such a beauty!
  • Ahh, Thanks!  Didn't it used to be different?
  • Finally got over to work/play with Jewel this afternoon after work.  Had her new rope halter but was disappointed that it didn't seem to have the desired effect on her I'd hoped.  She still doesn't respond as well as my other horses.  Her escape tactic is to either whack you with her head or try to walk over you and my jerking on her didn't seem to do much so I guess I'll up the anty a little next time.  We did some grooming and worked on standing still.  Then I took her in the round pen and did some lunging.  She understands to move out now but there was some hay on the ground and she wanted to eat it and she wanted to visit my friend on the rail so wasn't happy when I made her keep going.  She did her trying to come in close, springing in the air, cow kicking, rearing, whirling the other way and once that didn't get her anything but uncomfortable, she just took off and ran and ran until her lungs started to talk to her brain and suddenly she was listening ':)'  Got her to trot several consecutive circles, slow down to a walk and got my first real "whoa."  As I was leading her around to cool her out, she actually wasn't trying to lead me ':)'  She tolerates clippers everywhere but her head/neck so we worked on that a little but need to bring a chain next time since she does the walk-into-you thing.  Finally got her to stand still while we rubbed her neck with it and once she did that, we quit for the night.  She did a lot of chewing tonight and after the lunging, she kept sniffing me and really looking at me.  Gotta get fencing up at my place so I can bring her over and work her more often, get her in with other horses so they can help her get some exercise and grow up a little ':)'
  • If you use your fingertips like weapons and put pressure against her neck/shoulder as she walks into you, that might work.  I'd hate to resort to a chain at this point.  She needs to learn!  OR I'd take a training stick in with her and poke into her shoulder with the handle end of that when she gets too close.....  just trying to think of things.  She's not recognizing you as alpha yet, is she.  Of course, if you can train big ol' Cody, I'm sure you know what to do!
  • I know, regarding the chain.  I was hoping the rope halter would make her think a little more.  She's been so spoiled and she's 15.2 at this point and has learned this habit of walking into you.  Next time I'm going to really focus on making her respect my space by getting big but I've used my elbows, fingertips, etc. to get her to back off and she just leans....... but yesterday was much better as she actually worked up her first sweat and then had a totally different look in her eye ':)'
  • I saw your morning post.  DON'T FORGET YOUR GLOVES!!!  [':)']
  • One thing I learned when I was working with the drafts is when they start walking ahead of you start twirling the end of the lead rope so it bops them on the nose.  they learn pretty quick to stay back.
  • For sure on the gloves!  My hands would be raw meat w/out them.  Her pulling got my arthritis riled up!
    Sams-she's not my draft, this is the hanoverian/TB filly but either way whirling works ':)'  Funny, my draft seemed more sensitive than her and you'd think it would be the reverse.  Guess she's almost over desensitized where he was kind of wild!!
  • Aww, Dana.  Do you take Gloucosamine?
  • Yup Dana, I know she's not a draft.  (I've been keeping up with the rest of the class even if I don't make many comments [':)'] ) I just mentioned I learned the technique when I was working with drafts... you know you can't make those big guys do anything by just sheer force!  We used the web halters too (not my first choice), so there wasn't much anyone could do to control them except twirl.  [':)']