Equine care is much more than just a passion for the sport and its animals. It requires a horse to be in top mental and physical condition. Horse care involves following a regimented schedule of exercise, diet and nutritional supplements. With a blend of all three, you can help your horses lead long, healthy and productive lives.

Advances in veterinary science have improved what nutritional supplements can now do. They offer a combination of external and internal benefits. Supplements can aid performance, improve medical conditions, and improve aesthetic feature. Horse supplements help horses grow healthy skin and coats, more flexible hooves and sounder joints, among many other benefits. Horse electrolytes aid in the quick recovery from strenuous exercise; while joint supplements help strengthen the ligaments in their joints.

One such example of an equine supplement that does more than improve the physical well-being of your horse is Farnam®’s Quitt™ pellets. This supplement assists in stopping them from chewing wood, which can potentially lead to health troubles. Excessive wear of the upper incisors, splinter damage to oral parts, and colic associated with the ingestion of wood fragments are all problems associated with equine wood chewing. Wood chewing is common in young horses when their temporary incisors are being replaced, and it is a habit seen in adult horses caused from stress, boredom, nervousness, seasonality, the feeding program, confined environments and lack of social interaction. 


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