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Hiii I'm new :)

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Hiii I'm new :)
  • TMS= The Mane Street where you started to post shortly after leaving HF.

    Actually, though I may be wrong, I believe I joined before I quit Horseforum...though I wonder why it's any of your business anyways. If you must know, I joined alot of forums while I was a member of HF and after I left. I am on here occasionally, but this is not my main forum that I belong to, and thankfully the main forum that I belong to you and any other parelli basher would get banned. I joined here mainly because I was bored one day
  • Ohhh, now I know where I remember you from.  HF!  Howya been?  Sorry you got bad treatment there.  Im suprised,  I always thought them the better of the forums (besides this one, my one true horse forum home).
    We have NH trolls here too.  You get 'em everywhere.  Im ON a fan forum of roundpenners, and even we have Parelli trolls on it, which makes no damn sense to me to put down another roundpenner, the base idea is so similar you put yourself down when you put down other NHers.  But, I have come to discover that many people get on the net just to be that way, they won't show that part of themselves with people they know in REAL life but they think that behavior (and other really atrocious behaviors) is ok when its on the net.  Amazing how people REALLY are, innit it?[';)']
    But, I have developed a dragon skin to other's judgements and critisms and personal attacks, since most of it is done to make themselves feel better about them.  And if the only way someone can feel good about themselves is to put me down or 'in my place' then let 'em have it, they sure need to feel better about themselves obviously.
    I left HF and a few other forums cuz of one member in particular, he ent here or on the other two I frequent (yet.)  If he shows up, Im outta here.  [>:] 
    Well, I for one am very glad you are here.  Welcome to Horse.com!!![':)']
  • Thanks DarkChylde. This isn't my main forum that I belong to so I'm not on here all the time (or at least not as often as the other one) and I'm thankful to say that the other forum has no trolls since it's a private forum and trolls are banned immediately.

    Yes it is amazing how some people are, but that's what they are. I'm perfectly fine ignoring the trolls and just going on my way.
    Really HF is the only forum I've left completely, I've joined some forums and I'll go on there occasionally but none of the other forum members seem really friendly or at least not to me even when I joined.

    But thanks for the welcome. I'm planning on staying at least for a while, as long as my work schedule doesn't get so crazy that I have no personal time.
  • Hi There,Welcome....I am new too.I just joined today I am HorseSpirit {Connie} You have a beautiful horse there.When my mare was alive she was the stocky type {old type Quarter Horse}.
    Happy riding to you & Sonny!
  • Sonny- I know what you mean.  I quit a certain forum (HGS) for good and forever and don't plan to ever darken THAT doorway again.  Other forums I left for other reasons, except this one and two others.
    Horse Spirit- Welcome to The Horse.com Posse!  Make yourself at home!  Pull up a chair, have a cup of joe![':)']
  • Hey i'm new too ':O'