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Places with horse ears

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Places with horse ears
  • Just a fun thread for everybody to participate in.  I have hundreds of scenic landscapes with horse ears front and center.  I am sure many of you have a favorite picture with horse ears in them, too.  Let's put up pics and a little story about the horse and where you were riding.

    This is my all-time favorite, though it is hard to choose.  The ears are my late Arabian, Taz.  We are looking over a place called Hole in the Ground, in E. Washington on the Milwaukee RR rail trail.
  • Here are Zag's ears at the bird dog field trial at the Ames Plantation in Grand Junction TN. [':)']
  • Base Camp for the Strawberry Endurnace Race.  Through the ears of Spirit my Foxtrotter gelding

    Watching my daughter head up a fall trail at Middlefork through the ears of Porter my NSH gelding

    A late summer ride up Ben Lommand Peak, Brush gets kind thick on this trail

  • Hi Painted Horse!!!  *waves*  Love your pictures!  It's so gorgeous where you live!
    I've heard Saddlebreds are amazing endurance horses!  OOPS! Foxtrotter... They're somewhat close, right?  [':D']
  • Hi Back,
    My old gelding is a Saddlebred x Arab cross. Also known as a National Show Horse.  I don't know how much of the endurance he got from the Saddlebred side of the breeding, But he was an Assome endurance horse in his prime.
    All my younger horses are foxtrotters.  And they can cover a lot a ground, But they will NEVER travel as fast as my old Saddlebred/Arab gelding does. My foxtrotters do a really comfortable 6-7 mph all day.  Many of the endurance races I used to do, that gelding would complete 50 miles in 5 hourse or an average of 10 mph, including the vet stops.
  • Another lovely ear shot!  Okay, NSH, National Show Horse!  Hmmm....  I know a lady who has one for sale but I just thought - Arab/Saddlebred.  Sounds like a really great mix for endurance!  Great to know.

    I think Standardbreds have a pretty good ground-eating trot and they are trained on a fairly tough schedule.  If you kept up the training they are accustomed to they'd do great.  But they can be tough on the body.  When my pacer moves out I have to stand in the stirrups - but it's fun.  Probably not for 50 miles, though.  My other would trot and it was an unbelievably HUGE trot.  I felt like I was learning to post all over again!  That was fun, too, and pretty fast moving.
  • That gelding of mine has a Huge Trot also,  It realy messes up my foxtrotter if they try to ride side by side.  They pretty much have to canter to keep up with his big trot.
    He has pretty much become my daughters horse.  They don't mind the big trot, They prefer the speed. and I have not trusted my daughter to break and train my younger foxtrotters.


  • The scenery is breathtaking! 
  • OH!  LOOK!  She wears a helmet!  Bravo!  We're practically related! [':D']
  • One of my daughters fell off a horse at 7 years old and got a concussion.  I realized that horses don't have to be mean or buck for kids to fall off. Kids just don't always have the strength or balance to hold onto a spook. So we set rules up that the girls could not ride with out a helmet. And I frequently wore one when I ride with them.
    With time, the girls grew up and started to use my larger helment more than their smaller helmets and I just never bought more of the larger sized hemets.  So it become more and more that my kids were in helmets but I wasn't. The habit has stuck with the girls, even though they are no longer small kids. And I'm glad it has. I never have to suggest they get their helmets or put them on.  Same goes for Skiing.  I put on a knit hat and they put on helmets.
    My girls in their helmets

    My friends in their cowboy hats

  • woooo!  (pucker factor on that last hill)

    You're a great dad!  And you have really nice pictures, too! [':)']
  • Not everybody appreciates just what a climb that is.  I didn't get the photo focused very well. But it's still an impressive view to see all those riders zig and zagging up those switchbacks. Almost like taking your horse up a set of stairs.
    There are many spots in Bryce Canyon, where you literally look down ontop of the trail below.

  • Beautiful  pictures.  I so want to trail ride!
  • These are the most recent ear pictures I've taken. They're all Sparkle ears.
    Grape Creek

    Trail Gulch at Beaver Creek



  • I love EAR SHOTS