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Prayers for Boy Wonder

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Prayers for Boy Wonder
  • The islands have some wonderful programs for people who want the clean and sober life.  Some become manditory and some are voluntary. There are all kinds of meetings to help people from day to day.  It HAS to be one day at a time and, unfortunately, to be successful, it has to be desired.  However,it is possible. &nbsp';P'raying he sees the light.

  • Im glad to read that you did hear from him.  if it is a drug problem, (and it really does sound like thats what it is) remember that no matter what you do, it really is him that has to want to be helped.  

    hugs to you Hunterseat!
  • Thanks Jen. 
    Don't we kick ourselves continuously at times, thinking about things we should have done/said/not done/not said? Some songs upset me because he sang and performed from the time he was 3. I know God is with him and there-in lies the hope. 
  • No news, which is not necessarily good news. Been praying harder lately. And crying harder. [&o]
  • TODAY: Missed a couple of calls then got a text from him. I was able to call and we talked for a long time. I'm not sure what to believe but the story he told me is one of those "too strange to be made up" sort of stories. He sounded like he was doing okay. He's not in Mexico and probably not on drugs. Seems like ping-pong, I know. I was very relieved to hear from him and will probably be able to pray for him without crying now. [':)'
  • So glad you heard from him and things are a little more stable..... at some point he has to get tired of living life this way and want to be safe and comfortable.....
  • I was very relieved to hear from him

    Thankful you heard from him.  I have felt that relief before when my youngest and most adventurous would stay out of touch for long periods of time.  Keeping you and him in my prayers.

  • So glad you got to talk to him. Praying that it all works out and God gives you the strength you need to meet this challenge.
  • Thanks so much. He's trying to ... get a grant to go to ASU? um... k