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Prayers for Boy Wonder

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Prayers for Boy Wonder
  • Thanks Elaine and everyone. [&o]
  • I have a dear friend who is in recovery.  Her son is now in recovery.  Her husband died a couple of weeks ago.  She loves GOD and trusts him to direct her life.  As an encouragement, I want to share something she wrote.  For a better understanding, she has always been inspired by sunsets.  When Larry died, the sunset was spectacular and a friend of hers told her Larry was sharing a glimpse of heaven with her.  I will never look at a sunset the same again.

    "I remember when not too long ago I would pray: "GOD~ please watch over my son tonight. Do not let him die in his disease. Do for him what you have done for me." And often times I would add: "I know well enough that everything happens in Your time, but can You please hurry up!" 
    Tonight I pray: "GOD~ thank You for Your hand in my sons life. Continue to guide him in this journey that he is on. You are an awesome GOD and I love you. Amen."

    "Kamaki and I were sitting on the grass at Mala's and waiting for the sunset when he remembered that he had to meet with his Sponsor at the Big Book Meeting. Fifteen minutes late, I drove him to the club. The sun was all ready beginning to set and I thought, "I'm missing it!" But when I got back to Mala's... there was a surprise to be had. The sky began firing up and it lasted long." 

    The first picture shows the sunset with her son.  The second, the glimpse of heaven when she returned from taking him to his meeting.

  • The last time I spoke with him he seemed to be having a meltdown. Who knows if it was staged... I told him not to give up hope, whether he wanted to or not, he was dragging the Holy Spirit around with him wherever he goes. It's too late to back out of that now. God's right there with him and all has to do is ask for help, ask for guidance. God will take care of him. 

    He knows God but our relationships with our own fathers sometimes influence our trust in God, our heavenly father. I see that in my own mom and myself as well. Last time he spoke with his dad he was in a car on his way to visit. His dad said he'd be there another hour and when boy got there 15 minutes later, his dad had taken off as soon as he got off the phone. He never sees his dad but makes the attempt. His father will have to answer to that one day. So the boy get rejection from his father and his brother, two men who should be closest. It's no surprise he gravitates towards anyone who will accept him. I think that's part of why he's with this female nut-job, who now has a warrent... sigh... nevermind... 

    That is encouraging Connie and I love the pictures. My extreme meltdown yesterday included a heart-to-heart with God. Cars are so good for extreme meltdowns! 
  • Heart to heart talks are the most productive kind.  Those pictures are from one island away from you.
  • She called her brother and said they are in Mexico. I guess he's still with her.  [':('][':('][':(']
  • [8|]
  • Toxic relationship..... glad he's alive though..... learning some hard lessons in life.  So hard to watch your child go through something like this, even though he's grown up, he's still your child and you always have that instinct to rescue them.....
  • Hunterseat.... im so very sorry to read all of this.  Im saying lots of prayers for BoyWonder.  and twice as many for you and your sanity.  

    i cant imagine what you are going thru....  =(
  • No word on boy.  
  • He sent me a fb message to give him my ph#. When he called he told me lies (I verified) and asked for money for food and other stuff they need for the house they just moved into. I offered to pay his phone for a month and send him a Walmart gift card. That really ticked him off.[8|] I think he's in TX but who really knows? I'm not going to give up hope. He needs prayers more than ever. [&o]

    As far as I know there are not charges out on him. So he could still turn things around. 
  • Keeping him - and you - in my prayers. 
  • Ditto to what CPG said.
  • Ditto here, too.
  • Glad you heard from him, at least..... hoping he suddenly develops some maturity and a conscience...... Hang in there.
  • Thanks. If he keeps up his current activities, his life expectancy is another 9 yrs or so. If I could I'd seriously consider flying him over here just to detox him but there's bad stuff everywhere if they want it. I'd like to get him away from that woman.

    He did ask about his grandmother(s). Ah, such a contradiction.