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Prayers for Boy Wonder

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Prayers for Boy Wonder
  • I'm at work and really shouldn't be on here but to cut to the quick, his phone and fb acct have been disabled/disconnected. I was paying his Tracphone monthly and he has no money so he wouldn't do that, I know. Last text I got was from his gf who said they went to Texas?? Her fb acct is disabled, too. I'm really worried, it's not like him.
    I'll explain more later but please throw up a prayer for Keath if you get a chance. Thanks.
  • Here's the deal as I know it:
    Boy (who is my youngest son and 20yrs old) met "girl" (divorced mother of young twins that do not live with her) in March. I knew nothing since I'm in HI and he's in MS.
    I guess this girl has some health problems, real or imagined, not sure but he seems to be really attached to her.
    Not long ago, a friend of hers in FL invited them to move down. The girl had a job prospect and the friend had connections and was going to get boy in some college classes. They didn't have trasportation so her mom drove them down there. I guess the friend wasn't anticipating the very large pit bull that came with because in just a week or two the mother was driving back down to pick them up from FL and bring them back to MS.
    They were staying at her mom's but needed to find a place. (neither work) I heard stories of having to sell the dog... then I heard she might have a job. Boy has had some anxiety attacks and has sort of passed out recently (now I'm thinking drugged). He described what happened to him and swore he's been eating and wasn't drinking at the time... That was one of the last times I spoke to him.
    But he called again and said they took a woman to the hospital who had a herniated disk. They used all their money (basically they don't have any) but needed to get back so could I PLEASE put 10 or 15 on his card (which is linked to my acct but he can't draw from my money, I have to put money on his card) So like a dummy I did. So when they went to the gas pump it found money on the card and he proceeded to pump an additional $50+ worth of gas in the car. I guess it totalled nearly $70 worth of gas. I didn't realize it until I looked at my acct online and saw his card was in the red and I text'd an angry text.  She answered on his phone saying he sort of freaked out about it but they borrowed a car and they had to get to Texas??!!! and they went there to her aunt's who bought some jewelry from her and is letting them stay there. This is in a text on my son's phone. So I sent a text to him saying "call when you can talk" because now I'm thinking this is getting so stange it doesn't sound like him at all.
    No call. so I tried to call him. His number is no longer in service. This is a Straght talk phone that I pay for. Then I get on fb to see if he's on by some miracle. His page no longer exists and neither does hers. I had someone else look on fb, too in case I was blocked. no.
    The one glimmer of hope is by a stroke of luck, her mother is a K9 SAR person who knows the same people I know. So I called a K9 SAR lady and she knew exactly who I was talking about. She gave me her name but wouldn't give out the woman's phone number. She took my info and promised to email it to the lady.
    This does NOT sound like Keath AT ALL. I mean, really, I do occasionally give him a little pocket change and I pay for his phone ($50) every month. No way would he do that. Plus his fb page is his connection to friends all over - this is very distressing but it helps me to get it out.
    I called the sheriff dept in MS. not overjoyed with that conversation but the shift supervisor might call me back (if the dispatcher even gives him the message)  If I could hire a private detective I would.  I'm going to call Straightalk and see if they will give me his new number - I think they might have changed it.
    I don't think he would do this and I think if she's making him then he might be trying to find a way to get away from her. he's told me she freaks out if he's not right there with her. Also she's a vet tech so she might be stupid/dangerous with drugs? I can't believe he fainted like he described. It really sounded like a mini-stroke.
    This just sucks.
  • Sounds very strange...... I hope you get confirmation he's OK soon ':)'
  • Hunter, how awful.  What a frightening experience for a mom. &nbsp';P'rayers? of course.  Hope for a good outcome? absolutely.  God bless and sustain you.
  • Thanks. Apparently I'm the only "loved one" who thinks this is unusual. [':(']  I keep thinking "mother's intuition". I know something is wrong. I spoke with the sheriff's dept shift supervisor last night. I explained the whole thing. He gave me some ideas. Come to find out he remembers me and Keath from when we lived there. He asked "are you the lady who used to be in the Air Force?" I named a couple of deputies I asked him to say hi to. I know if they see him they will fuss at him and if they hear anything they can let me know. No word from the mother. 
  • I'm praying for you Hunter and I hope everything is alright with him. -hugs-
  • No news today. [&o] I want him to be okay but it hurts to think he did this on purpose.
  • I sure hope everything is OK with him. No matter what they do they are still our kids and we worry about them. Very strange.
  • I got the story but can't share it because it involves illegal activity, which explains not wanting to be found. [':('] When I heard I said "at least I know he's alive" and the person said "Don't be so sure - they've been gone nearly a week" [':('] [':('] [':('] So prayers are needed worse than ever and I appreciate anyone who can remember my son. Thanks.
  • Praying.
  • Praying
  • ':('  Hoping for the best.....
  • When we don't hear from them, we worry.  When we do hear from them, we often do not like what they have to say.  Through it all we love them.  Will continue to pray.
  • Have emailed him twice. no answer.
  • I don't get on here very much anymore, so I am just now seeing this. I am sorry that you having to deal with all of this, and I am sure that it is hard being so far away from your son. Our children don't always live their lives the way that we would choose for them, but by the time that they are 20 yrs old, there isn't much we can do. They make their own choices and have to live with them, as much as we might wish differently. I hope that Boy Wonder is OK. Maybe if they did go to TX, getting away from MS will allow him to make a fresh start.