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Pray for Martha

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Pray for Martha
  • A couple weeks ago my friend Martha missed the last step coming down the stairs in her home.
    Landed on her butt and has had horrible back pain ever since. Finally MRI. Results show a tumor on her kidney which has spread to her spine. She is going tomorrow to get the area radiated to relieve the pain. (same as Gomez [X(])

    She was a great help to me when Jim passed. I can't believe it.
    My dear friend just remarried in Oct. after losing her first husband to cancer 9 years ago. 
    They haven't even finished moving. They were shopping for a bed. 
    We will be delivering our bed to her house on Friday.

    My friend L of Agape Ranch offered this prayer.

    WE agree that God is the final authority and that every cell in her body MUST line up with His authority, plan and purpose for her.
    The Name of Jesus is higher than the name of cancer, and at the Name of Jesus this cancer must bow and submit to His authority.
    In Jesus Name we bind these authorized cells and call them out of her body to return to the dark places from whence they came. We speak to the healthy cells to rise up, defend Martha's body and glorify God with a mighty victory! 
    In Jesus Name Amen!!!

  • Amen. 

    I hope everything turns out alright for her and for you Dane 
  • Amen amen amen

    He will deliver. 

    She's such an strong, great lady. I know this must be so difficult for her. She seems like everyone else's rock. 

    Same as Gomez??
  • Praying.
  • [quote=hunterseat]
    Same as Gomez??

    At the end Gomez had terrible back pain. The cancer metastasized and a tumor on the spine was causing the pain. The only pain relief was to radiate the spine area every day. 

    She is a rock. The whole community will be stunned. Needless to say I will be dropping everything to help her however I can.

  • Can you think of any way we can help in addition to prayer? Do you think Beth can step up and help at the paper? Is she taking the summer off in TX? I feel awful.
    btw, I didn't know she got married! Congrats to her on that. Nice having someone who loves you. [':)']  She's mid 60's? I know I had some awsome pictures of her at your wedding with Miss Tony.
  • I am so sorry for your friend's devastating news...... She is so lucky to have love in her life again and to have a friend like you, though.  Will be thinking of her.
  • Pray hard. I don't know what else?
    The bed is taken apart and ready to deliver with linens.  I need to stop and pick her up an electric blanket.
    Soups are made.
    Tgrammy is ready to drive her to appts.

    B and I are ready to do the paper if Martha wants. 
    The paper has been for sale since last year and Martha planned to shut down in Oct.

    B is finished with school on Wed. She is staying in TX. Rented an apartment with 3 friends.
    MaderChica is coming? in June to visit.

  • Wish I could help with the paper... [&o]
  • Spoke to Martha last evening. She sounds upbeat and hopeful. She finishes radiation today? and then Friday targeted cellular level chemo treatment decisions will be made. Her daughter is staying with her. Husband went off the deep end and has left for the present. He has numerous issues. 
  • I'm glad her sister is there for her. Hubby needs to step up to the plate. I think a lot of our problems could be solved if we all put others before ourselves but I know it's easier said than done. And we can't take care of others to the detriment of our own health. [':)'] (your angel wings must be getting tired) [':)']

  • I visited with Martha yesterday when she and family came by the resale shop.
    She is thinner, tired and weak but her spirits and attitude are good.
    She finishes radiation Monday and when the insurance company gets their carp [>:] straight she can begin an oral chemo. 

  • I hope Martha gets the treatments she should and in a timely manner. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with "Obama-care". I have a friend (high school classmate) who's been battling *** cancer and one of their insurance companies (because they both have insurance separately through jobs) refuses certain treatments (for the new guideline reasons), but the other one goes ahead and pays for them. Prayers continuing. (And hugs to you, too, as you try to help so many of your friends.)
  • Yes [:-]bamacare. Pilot's eye surgeon says it is unbelievable what is happening. He said if there are any treatments or procedures needed to get it done before the end of the year.

    It is Martha's daughter who is caring for her. 
    Daughter, husband and young boys moved back to care for her. 
    Martha and daughter have had a terrible relationship and now this. 
    It only takes a phone call to bring things into very sharp focus.
    Something for Chatter and daughter to think about?
  • Martha has started the oral chemo.