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Pray for Martha

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Pray for Martha
  • I can't believe I missed so many updates. I called myself looking, too. Every time I came here I'd look at the Forum thread title on the "all forums" page. Totally missed it. 

    I don't know much about oral chemo but I bet it's not any funner than the other. Prayers for strength. And hugs. Lots of hugs. I'm so glad her daughter and family are there. 
  • I do the same and sometimes miss posts because I forget to look at the date of the last post, not the post-er.
    Hope to hear Martha news today. I need to take her some soup.
  • btw. How does one sell a newspaper? *picturing a printing press in Martha's basement*
  • Spoke to Martha on the phone. 
    She is on her third week of oral chemo. She said she has not suffered any of the bad side affects and is doing good. Her young grandsons are keeping her entertained. They are learning to be ranchers. [';)'
    She asked me to get the suitable furniture from her office over to the resale shop.

    No printing press hunterseat.

  • YAY for tolerance of meds!! YAY for grandkids!! [':)'

    What's hubby doing these days? Has anyone slapped some sense into him yet?
  • He has left. No amount of slapping will work. He has "issues" and he can only help himself at this point.
    I hope I don't get the chance to tell him what I think.

  • How cowardly of him. How painful that must be for Martha. Insult to injury. I have a coworker who says "women are FAR superior of the species" and she's such a doll, too. She followed her husband over here and he left her, the weasel.  UGH.
  • Sending summer hugs to Martha!! [':)']
  • I dropped dinner off and Martha had just gotten back from Houston.
    Her color was was good but she was very exhausted from the trip.

    The Dr. at MD Anderson is hoping to get her into a new trial. And if not then the next best drug treatment plan.  She would have to make monthly trips to Houston but should be able to get her regular checks done here in K'ville. It all sounds hopeful.
  • Martha went back to Houston yesterday. She should have new test results and a new plan of action Monday evening.




    A CaringBridge Site was created for Martha Stevens to share health news and receive support. Visit and keep up to date. Leave messages of encouragement in the guestbook. 

    Visit online
    Find Martha's site at www.caringbridge.org/visit/marthastevens.
    Site name: marthastevens

  • Thanks for the updates. The Caring Bridge is an awesome site. I have another friend who used that site. He's on his 3rd bout of Lukemia/bone marrow transplant now in remission. I think he's about 20 now. Been battling since childhood.  We all need to be thankful for every breath. 
  • No update on the Caring Bridge...  Hoping things are ok. 
  • Latest Update:
    We are back from a successful two days in Houston at MD Anderson. First were tests--an MRI of the head and blood work. Then we met with the doctor and the director of the study. When they chose which medicine, I got the oral chemo which I should be starting quickly. I will be returning to Houston every month as they monitor my condition. I am feeling very positive about this and should be able to start the oral chemo tomorrow.

    I so appreciate all the calls, cards, food and visits that you have given. I am very appreciative of the prayers and positive feedback that I get from everyone. With God's help and the support from the community, I'll get through this. Again, thanks and God bless. 

  • Forgot to say I saw Martha Monday. We took her to a board meeting with us. She is one of the founders. It was a short one and she wanted to see everyone. She did great. She is frail though and says she only has a bout 3 ounces of energy per day. She goes back to MD Anderson next week for scans etc...
  • Love and hugs.