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Is your horse lame?

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Is your horse lame?
  • Shameless plug for survey answers here 

    I'm part of a team at Cambridge University investigating lameness, and we're running a survey looking at it effects on horse owners. It only takes 2 minutes, and you can exit at any point. If you could spare some time to give it a shot, we would be really appreciative! I will post the results on this thread when we get enough 


    Also, what do you think about using technology to monitor your horse? Do you use any monitoring equipment at the moment, and is there anything you wish existed? 

  • Hello, I m new to this Thread and I also have participated in the survey thank you for giving me a chance to add a contribution to the survey.

  • Hey there!

    Well not really! I like my horse and love riding on him! His name is Shank. I have got him trained well by one of the best horse training experts Stall M in Sweden. We love basking in the sun together! :D

    Y'all can also check their water and sports horse training service. They are based in Helsingborg! You will also not regret getting your horse trained from them.

    Good day :)