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Barn Ideas
  • Got a large quote on a 36X48 mare motel and pipe corral fencing yesterday, $13,000+ and that doesn't include installation.....

  • Is that competitive with what you've been seeing? I haven't shopped for structures lately and have no idea. What would labor be?

  • Haven't been able to get anyone else to give me a quote..... you'd think with the economy the way it is, they'd be scrambling for a good job?  It's not like we're in the boonies or something and obviously it isn't a little job..... Frustrating..... going to tackle more companies this week....

  • I use diatamatious earth for fly control in the barn.  Just sprinkle some over the manure in the gutter.  Kills them and the larva.  Cheap and easy.  Also use it for bug control in the garden.

  • I have two barns.  One is wood that I used mostly for foaling and young horses.  It has a 12 x 12 tack room, another room the same size that I use for grain that also includes a washing machine for horse laundry.  I can store 5 tons of hay also.  Barn has electricity and water.  The aisle is matted and I have a dry erase board for messages/feeding instructions/vet or shoer information.  Hitching post in front of barn, cross ties in aisle.  

    My second barn is an open air 10 stall barn.  12 x12 stalls that by removing or  moving pipe panels you can change the size of the stalls.  The left side is 5 completely covered stalls and the left has 5  that are 12 x24 with 12 feet covered.  Water to the barn, solar operated lights, sky lights, matted stalls.  I plan to add a hay storage shed and a tool shed near the ends of the barns.  Just had this barn built last year from High Desert Barns out of Carson City, Nev.  Wonderful company, quality work.  They anchored the barn really well.  It is as solid as any wood barn and doesn't move in high wind or even make noise.  You can enclose it if you want to.   Word of caution:  The dirt pad will settle, so you will need to fill in the low spots.  We also had gutters installed, and drainage ditches with culverts put in.  We usually get a lot of rain/snow.  High Desert will work with you to build you something that fits your needs..not pushy.    

  • Hoping things materialize for you! Any updates?