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  • Sadly, I thought about because we used it two nights ago because we thought a horse was bit by a snake. Vet doesn't think it was a snake, more likely an insect or spider. But it is nasty looking and the horse is fine. We have had real issues this year with strange bites. My horse got a bite on her belly that swelled up the size of a sandwich plate. Didn't seem to bother her and sadly for her, it was behind the girth area so she didn't miss any work! Vet thinks it is ticks, though this year I haven't had to remove many ticks, which is strange as well.
  • Interesting about the bite on your horse's belly. Kabarr had something like that earlier in the year. I noticed a swelling on his belly, left side, my vet was coming out in 2 days for the yearly once-over and shots so I just waited. It was about the size of a goose egg when I first saw it. By the time the vet came it was the size of my spread hand (between a dessert plate and a salad plate) and more flattened than a bump. My vet said it was edemacious and probably from a bug bite. Told me just to watch it and let him know if it changed or got larger. Must be just the year for weird bites everywhere.
  • I was spacing out while riding in the car yesterday. What if you build lay a slab with a drain line so you can hose off the... floor? stall mats? While you're at it you can include some heating elements so the slab stays warm in the frigid SoCal winters. [':D']
  • Hey I just signed up for horse.com forums so we just built a new building and got our stalls and fencing from www.ShopSpur.com they have some really good looking stalls we did the premium stalls (I think thats what their called)  and we did a pipe and wood post fencing. Anyway you may check them out if your doing a new building they have all kinds of stuff.  
  • Hi rdr! [':)'] Would love to see pics of your barn. I love those stall panels. I'm always trying to figure out ways to build something like that myself... hmm.. my son welds...  [':D']
  • I did just recently see a loafing shed with a divider wall down the middle like a t-shape. So there were 2 sides  for the horses to stand in.
  • That's like what I want only with a breezeway in the middle ':)'
  • Think I'm slowly getting my hubby over to what I want. He wants the classic red barn.... I want a functional shelter.... I told him I wouldn't tell him what kind of hangar to get for his airplane! He finally said, "well, we could build you a garage-type building for feed and tack and get a mare motel?" Getting there!
  • Where I keep my horse, they owner built a "red barn" style. It's great, except that I hate to lock my horse in (I only do that in the winter the evening before the farrier comes so she doesn't have to deal with icky, muddy feet and legs) because we also store our hay in it. In a perfect world, I'd much rather have separate areas for the horses and the hay.
  • Having had both Concrete and gravel wash-racks, I prefer the gravel.  Your permit process will be rather simple for the barn, Dana.  The County gave us very little trouble with our barn in Mira Loma.  Riverside County is usually very reasonable in that they just want to make sure the structure is safe and will stay put.  All they wanted was that piers were sunk three feet at each junction of walls and that the barn be welded (it was a portable) to concrete pads in the piers.  We also had to prove that the roof was sufficiently attached that it wouldn't blow off in the hellacious winds that M.L. often had.  It was not uncommon for one to chase a shed down that had blown several properties away in Riverdale Acres.  Ours was a shed-row barn and I reaaaaally miss it!  I too recommend you keep hay in a separate building, even if yours is a portable and fire-proof.  

    As to configuration: you might consider an aisle-way.  One side could be the run-ins and the other a box, tackroom, straight stalls, grooming stalls, and storage or dispensary.  The advantage of this type is to allow a taller aisle.  With a twelve foot tall aisle and no doors, then you can drive in with the trailer to load/unload, whatever you need to.  Remember with your aisle; wider IS better.

    Sixteen-foot boxes or run-ins are nice, but they add up in length rather quickly.  However, if one is considering a lay-up box for the vet, go with sixteen-foot square.  It may take a lot of bedding, but is much more workable for the Vet, safer too.  Your Vet will thank you.

    Oh, one more thing we wish had been done; French Drains underneath the stalls.  If you are going to have an earth floor of some sort, then French Drains underneath will be very helpful.  I would still put in stall mats, even in the run-ins.  It discourages gophering.
  • Think we found a 3 stall shedrow that we can add onto. Space isn't an issue, just cost, as always ':)' I think we might go with gravel, topped with the rubber mats. It is on a slight incline so should drain well if we can keep the horses from making potholes ':)'
  • Any new news regarding your new barn. [&:]
  • Think I've finally got hubby to agree on a mare motel instead of the full barn.....
  • [quote=danastark]

    Think I've finally got hubby to agree on a mare motel instead of the full barn.....

    Hey Dana':)' Long time no post! hahaha.  Hope all is well with you and your horse/s! Would love to hear how the barn is coming along...very exciting!  I like Mare Motels setups too....pretty simple and easy to manage.  A rake pattern down the center row is always a fun pastime':)'
    Put some pictures up if you have progressed':)'  Take care...talk soon.

  • Good to hear from you, too! Loving this weather... we were out riding on Saturday in t-shirts musing at how other people have snow.....