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The last word......

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The last word......
  • I resemble that remark. [>:]
  • Kinky
  • Hose
  • Water
  • nose
    it rhymed lol
  • LOOK it's SAINT!!!  *waves frantically*
    Elephant!  (that's my word.... nose.... and they spray water with said nose!)
  • mouse
  • Cat.  (I have a cat named Mouse!)
  • Cat Ballou (loved the horse in that movie)
  • French
    (Ballou made me think french)
  • toast
  • syrup
  • yucky
  • Liver
  • TANYA!!!  I was all into thinking about the waffles I fixed for boy this morning!!!   LIVER!!?
    Gizzards  (at least I changed it to something yummy) [':D']