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  • Rain chances.
    I hate the mud but pastures need it.

    Our ride was a short one yesterday.
    It got hot but glad we went.

    Going to feed Cows and calves.
    Trying to convince the last little heifer she needs to be in the pen with her little buddies.

    I will try and get at least another load of hay in if I can beat the forecast showers.

    I hope today starts a good week for everyone.
  • back again.

    I went to the tack building and noticed bees.  Shut the door.  Went back the next day and there is a nest in there...one of those cone shapped things filled with yellow biters.  GRRR. My saddle is in there.  Need to take care of that soon.

    So....today, at lunch time, I went into a tack trunk in the barn where my back up saddle is....and a good pad,   Just have not taken them to the tack building yet.  Well, found a couple of bridles in there.  She was ridden before I got her with a snaffle and I can not find the one I want so I checked and each ahd a snaffle in it.  Took one with a shanked copper mouth snaffle and tried it on her...bridle is a bit short but did not try to put it over her ears.  She was surprised a bit but took the bit like an old pro and was fine with it.    I held it there for a brief time and took it off being careful not to bang her teeth and she was perfect.  Either she likes me a lot or that sore on her poll when I got her was what caused her to be difficult to bridle.  So very happy.

    Stude, she is pretty heavy boned and has decent sized feet.  Maybe she has some Gypsy.  Will know better about her when I actually feel her gait.

    miss you all need to get back here more often