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Graduation Saturday

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Graduation Saturday
  • Chica graduates back to hay and feed today.
    The feed is only a cup of alfalfa pellets soaked.
    I can sneak some salt in there.

    We have not the greatest hay.
    New hay came in Thursday.
    Of course I had just bought the bundle of last years squares.
    Hopefully the new hay cuttings will come in a timely manner.

    Also B's MBA graduation ceremony is this evening.
    She is also finishing her third book.
    So proud.

    We planned to ride tomorrow but rain is in the forecast for the next week.
    We need it.

    Everyone have a super Saturday!
  • Socks has decided to stop drinking.  He gets a bucket of beet pulp and alfalfa pellets every night and Jmebear has been putting a few tablespoons of Epson's salts in it.  The dope does this every time the weather gets weird.

    Bea Bea has decided she like lambs as much as foals.   She follows the sheep  around and tries to mother the lambs, it's hilarious.

    Got a bit of rain the last few days.   Sadly accompanied with lightening and the resulting fires.

    Hope the coming week is good for everyone around here.