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Fiddling around on a Friday

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Fiddling around on a Friday
  • Currently sitting in front of a friend's house using his WIFI because Fawn Lodge has none.  I've been working on getting things prepared to set my trailer down, work on getting another refurbished and back together, and rebuild my horse trailer for Socks.   Lots to do and little enough time for it.

    Hunter, I recently accquired a little carriage and had to pick it up not far from you.  They were in New Mexico and me in No. Cal. so we met at Kramer's Junction, a few miles south of you.  I saw the sign for China Lake and was thinking of someone I know. <WINK>

    Well, I'd best not overstay my welcome here.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  • Stude we should go descend upon Dana. She's healing from a nasty fall off her t'bred. Thank goodness she wears a helmet!

    I was hoping Connie would check in. She suffered a great loss today. Her Whisper. I can't imagine how she must feel.

    I got word today that Zag is really starting to show his age and it's good I'm bringing him  here to give him a little extra attention. I can hardly wait. Should be next month. I hate the years I lost with him. Career wise I'm rocking it. Horse-mom wise...not so much. Although he's been healthy and happy.

    Anyway the day is done. So are the dogs' toenails. So it's been a great day, even if I had to work. I didn't work too hard.

    Tomorrow, working on the house then skating in the evening. Sunday a hike up Five Fingers.

    Have a great weekend.