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Thursday That's
  • All.
    I replaced the red geraniums on the front gallery.
    Got new lemon and lime trees planted and a couple tomato plants.
    And that is all I plan to replace from the ice storm.

    My ten year old bay tree and pineapple guavas didn't make it.
    The guavas would have finally put on fruit this year.
    Last year each one had a couple fruits.
    And the bay was just a twig when I first got it.

    There is still a ton of pruning to do.
    Many shrubs were froze back to the roots.

    I hope everyone is well and has a terrific Thursday.
  • Red geraniums were Bette Davis' absolute favorite. Her long time assistant ordered them to be in place whenever they arrived at any destination. I love them.

    I'm so slammed at work I feel like I'll never catch up. Well, as long as things keep breaking I won't. Job  security. :)

    Horse shipping deposit (half) is paid. They'll travel in box stalls. After years of grazing 24/7, and at his age, I didn't want to make him travel 30 hours with his head tied up. Plus I think they stop overnight. I'll be a nervous wreck. I keep wondering if the shippers have ever worked as rodeo clowns. :)

    Horse shelter deposit (I think about a third) is paid. It will be a run-in shed. 24x12. Still have site prep work to do.

    Balance due on both in June which is when they will both...all 3 be here. (horses and shelter)

    The corral panels are in place but not fastened together. They're SOOO heavy I have a hard time standing them up. BUT I kind of wanted to see how the layout would look. It's all coming together, though slowly.

    I hope all is well. Sorry about your trees, MK.