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Sunday Back
  • Back from our Vegas, Grand Canyon, Flagstaff trip. OMG, I took a ton of pictures and none of them will ever do justice of seeing the canyon in person. The same spot looked different every we saw it. Never had to deal with BIG crowds. Have seen pictures of the South Rim at the lodges being packed like sardines, not when we were there. Mid April is a GREAT time to go. I imagine COVID impacted the number of people there. We had booked our lodge over a year ago figuring COVID would be a distant memory by now. 

    Food was the biggest challenge. In Vegas, we stayed at Planet Hollywood who had a large banner out front about the Planet Holliday Café being open 24x7. We ate lunch there the 1st  day and it was good. Went for breakfast, closed. Breakfast ended up being at McDonald's taken back to the room for our 2 breakfasts there. No dine in there. It was close and it was good. Oh, no coffee in rooms. No coffee stations.  No room service to bring coffee in the morning. Could of played the slots and had coffee delivered I suppose but that could get expensive, or not! :-)

    National Parks not running at full steam either. Not all restaurants running at park which added to congestion at the ones that were open.  Wanted to eat dinner at El Tovar but didn't know that you could make reservations 30 days in advance, so it was booked. However, we did have 3 breakfasts there which was awesome.

    Anyway, great trip and no issues at all anywhere except some meal challenges. 

  • Always wanted to visit the canyon! Wow