well, Wednesday was an interesting day culminating in a PITA.

I finally got one of the axles onto my '51 Spartanette and found things weren't going as planned so decided to let that fun wait till tomorrow. After all, why keep all the fun for just one day, right?

Went to the bank and decided to look in on my fave consignment store as the thrift shop was closed. Found an interesting reproduction clock for cheap. Hopefully I can do something with it.

Just when we thought the day was over, one of our ewes decided it was time to birth and reject her lambs. Oh.... joy. She's just as useless as her mother. Hopefully, she will accept motherhood by dawn or so.

The iris I transplanted to the front garden are spectacular this week. The rest aren't doing much of anything, but it's early in the year yet. For now, we have lots of yellow and Mr. Lincoln roses.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!