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Tuesday Through

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Tuesday Through
  • I slept so hard last night and straight through.

    We have rain chances all week.
    We need it to keep the grass.
    A thunderstorm passed by us slightly to our north as usual.

    I have plenty to do in the house today.

    Stude do you have an update on that tiny sweetie?

    Everyone have a thoroughly great Tuesday.
  • I suggested Jmebear name her 'Firefly's star to steer by'.    I don't think she wants to name her star.  She's already outgrown her blanket.

    I spent the day loading half my woodpile (construction lumber) onto the trailer to haul it up to Fawn Lodge.  Feeling like someone beat me with a 2X4.  Looks like I'll have another load or two after this.

    Let everyone out to play and eat the lovely spring grass.  Socks and Louie seemed a bit disappointed.  I think they wanted to go out in their carts.

    Looks like Doris is going to pop out lambs any day now.  Her bag is huge.  Dotty, not so much so.

    HOpe everyone has a great week.