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Monday Movement

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Monday Movement
  • Face- Glad to see you.
    And I am happy you are able to make your trip.
    Do you plan to do the Grand Canyon ride?

    I am able to move after Friday's work.
    We worked all day moving brush and wood.

    My1ton pickup was overloaded with all the wood I split.
    Of course at the beginning of the day I dropped a huge log off the splitter hitting my shin.
    It still hurts but hasn't turned black and blue.

    Nearing the end of the day we found a huge limb that had fallen.
    The tree it came off is a massive oak, maybe 600 yrs old.
    I will measure it one of these days.

    So it was a lazy weekend trying to recover.
    B came on Saturday and lazed with us.
    She wanted to ride but the drizzly weather wasn't cooperating.

    Tidying the garage yesterday was all we could manage.

    I hope everyone has a great new week.
  • We are not doing the canyon ride. We had dismissed doing the ride to the bottom a while ago and were going to settle for the 2hr ride. Then when I had shoulder issues at the beginning of the year decided not to do that as we had no clue what state I would be in at this time.  Of course I am fine now. Anyway, may check into it there as perhaps they will have some deals to fill in the slots one day.  I am hoping that since Spring Break season should be over by then and with people just now starting to travel again that things won't be too crowded. Last I looked Nevada is still 50% capacity. Have no interest in gambling. Wife and I just want to see Vegas once. Basically, been there, done that, get the hell out of town quick. :-)