So Pilot and the well man got the water working at DaneHaven.
Every thing in the pump house had to be replaced.

There is water to the house except a couple broken faucets which can be isolated to off.
The worst part is the pipes above the bunkhouse ceiling busted.
So now the pipes and ceiling will have to be replaced.
Not an issue that needs to be done immediately.

Still no Idea what the cabin situation is since the water is not working there yet.
We are able to haul water to the cattle until the well man can work his way down his list.

For sure a new kitchen faucet. It blew apart in pieces.
I didn't like that faucet anyway.

I wonder what today will bring.
I am trying to adjust back into my old volunteer schedule.

Last week the VFD brought all the donated items they had left to the Help Center.
There was a case of dish soap with the words "from Nebraska with love" written on it.
They didn't have volunteers willing to staff any longer.

I hope everyone has a calm day.