Wednesday we were able to get all the propane cylinders filled and his truck.
Yesterday I filled my car in Harper. The local gas station finally up and running reliably.

Our Help Center survived the onslaught surprisingly.
Thankful for that.

The pump still not working for cows.
Pressure tank wiring maybe.

Yes Stude kerosene lamp would have been better.
But none here as one wiff of it or lamp oil and i have a migraine.
Even some scented candles set me off.

One thing that would be helpful is a simplified pulling rig for a horse.
Moving yard wagons full of water or firewood when you are already exhausted was terribly difficult.
Fairly short distance and the horse would be led.

The VFD has done an excellent job of providing drinking water, livestock water, showers and food to those in need.
What we do need here is chainsaw gangs and gangs of plumbers.

Everyone have a nice weekend.