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Wednesday Looky Who

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Wednesday Looky Who
  • Hunterseat is here.
    Thanks for the offer to send stuff.

    We have power and water at the house.
    Many are still without power and those with power have no water.

    We are of the lucky few and actually saved the pump by keeping candles lit in the pump house.
    Still working on water system at cabin and cows.
    No luck yet. Maybe an issue with the pressure tank.
    We won't know about pipes until pump and pressure tank are working well enough to turn water back on to cabin.

    DaneHaven house has power but waiting on a new pump to see if the pipes survived.

    All is on hold today while we go to town for an appointment.
    And then hope to get diesel for his truck and fill propane tanks if there is any available.
    A stop at the store for milk, bread and a few other essentials.
    Essentials meaning ice cream. ;)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!
  • Hi Hunter!!   I was wondering if a crack opened during the aftershocks and swallowed you up!

    Not much going on around here.  Just putzing around Fawn Lodge and cleaning up after tearing down two trailers.  

    DH, all the best with the water situation.  A kero lamp might have been a bit safer than candles in the well house.  'course, what would I know being well over a thousand miles away...

    Hope everyone has a great week and weekend!