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Monday Monday
  • More of the same.
    Hot, dry and waiting for rain.
    60% chance and we need it.

    Pilot got called for jury duty.
    I have 2 meetings today and hope to sneak a load of hay in between.

    Connie - I hope Echo is enjoying her new home.

    All be well and have a great day.

  • Hot, hot and more HOT.  July is going to start out over a hundred.  We're looking at a long, hot, and perilous summer.  Oi... vay.

    Where'd all the smilies go?

    The heat has been keeping me from working to any useful extent.  I'm staying here in Oak Run till the temps go up again at the end of the week then staying in Fawn Lodge till the high temps go away.  I just can't deal with the hot nights in Oak Run.  Also, the temp doesn't go up over a hundred in Fawn Lodge till the afternoon.  It's not quite ten o'clock and nearly a hundred in Oak Run this morning.  I can't deal with this.  Currently drinking nearly two gallons of water a day and mostly sweating it out again.  Drinking a lot of Zipp Fizz because it's loaded with electrolytes and I get severe cramps without it in this heat.  Poor horses are bored out of their minds because I won't get them out to work when it's this hot.  So, they go next door to play every day.  Socks and Louie are feeling neglected.  Louie in particular needs the attention and affirmation of his work.  He gets a bit screwy (Daffy Duck style) without it.  Wish I could take them to Fawn Lodge with me.

    Connie, how's the new girl working out?

    Well, I hope everyone has a great week!

  • She is settling in nicely.  Only problem she wants me to go with her to pasture.  I will probably have to take her down again and show her all that grass and then maybe she will relent.  She likes the run in with hay and water.