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Sunday recovering from Saturday's

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Sunday recovering from Saturday's
  • trip north.  Roughly 100 miles there.  Looked at her, loaded her and brought her home.  All before noon.  

    No, I have not ridden her yet.  She is very touchy about her head, I was told she was bad to bridle but by last night she was letting me rub her face.  This morning I found she has a sore...that really looks tender on the front of her poll.  She is pretty convinced so far that touching her behind the poll is not good, at least not coming from the direction of her tail.  I couldn't even change halters on her without an upset and opted not to .  we need a bigger base of trust established.  She did let me put medicine on her sore.  Kind of wonder if it wasn't the bit but rather the person putting on the bridle touching her up there.  Looks like she took a hard rap from or on something.

    Oh, well, calling her Echo and spending time getting acquainted with her.  Hoping she figures out that food comes for me so that when she goes out in the pasture she will come for food if not for any other reason.

    Been taking pictures.  She needs weight.  Her butt is pointy .

    Calling her Echo.    From the song, "Blessed Assurance" and the line, "Echoes of mercy, Whispers of Love:

    Hope all are well. No idea how I managed to get two copies of this post.  Thought I had lost the original so started over.

  • WOW. You have some work to do, however, she will probably come around quickly for you.

  • thank you.  She is better than she was when she arrived.  She seems to be a fast learner.

  • Well, she certainly is easy on the eyes.  I love the expression as she stands at her gate.