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Thursday and getting excited

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Thursday and getting excited
  • about dragging the trailer Saturday to go and check out a horse.  She is a black and white MFT 11 yrs old.  She is needing weight but not skinny.  Horses are high now and she is actually cheap if she is what she should be.

    She apparently reaches for the sky when bridled so that is an issue I will have to work with.  I have in the past so am hoping this time will not be a huge challenge.

    She has a (in my opinion) white horse head on her shoulder and neck when her head is down.

    They finally sent me a picture of her.  She is on a downhill slope and the picture is taken from a level higher than where she is.  Hoping I can share it here with you all.

    I did it.  Had to resize the picture but I did it.  Pleased.  I don't like white legs but it looks like she has dark feet and he did have her trimmed shortly after he got her.

  • She's beautiful Connie.  Question is, what is her temperament like?  As to the bridling, maybe a problem with the ears?  We have one like that.  She's not fun to bridle because of it.  She's a lot better, however still a problem.  Beauty is as beauty does.  When do you go to see her?

  • Horse prices here in SC are ridiculous. Son looking for one for my granddaughter and they are sky high.

  • the plan is to go and look at her Saturday morning.  A trial ride is in order.  I plan on taking my saddle so I actually know how she feels under me.  If I don't like her attitude I will come back empty.  He gave her a couple of shots and said she did not like it.  Usually my horses don't even need a halter when the vet comes but I do tend to fuss a lot with them to get them accustomed to being touched on the head and neck.  I will have to rely on my instincts since I know Cal will say  no sense in going home empty.  he does have a chestnut quarter horse there but he will be more money and has had some soundness issues.  

    Will let you know.