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Saturday So

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Saturday So
  • Wonderful to have our dear Connie back!
    But so sorry for your loss of Whisper.

    And so wet. Almost 3 inches!

    Our month of June is getting even busier.
    Pilot had an eye check yesterday and needs to have a laser surgery.
    Nothing serious but he needs to take it easy until the surgery is over and he is cleared for "takeoff."

    My youngest nephew graduated high school last evening.
    We didn't go to the ceremony as it would be a crowd and held inside.
    No-one here really has or is taking covid seriously and neither of us can take a chance.

    I hope all are well and have a great Memorial weekend!
  • DH, I respect your desire to be cautious.  However here's something to think about.

    The Hong Kong Flu outbreak (they called it an outbreak, not a pandemic) was in 1968 (during which the infamous Woodstock concert went on as scheduled).  I got Hong Kong Flu in early 1973.   I nearly died of it, according to our doctor.

    SARS outbreak was in 2003.

    I got it from Christmas services in 2016.

    So I have to ask you, how long are you going to be cautious?  CV-19 is going to be around for years.  It won't be gone in 2022, 2023, or even 2030.  

    I am not criticizing you or your decision.  Just asking you, did you stay home from 2003 to 2016?  SARS and Ebola killed more people worldwide than CV-19 did.  In fact, if one examines the numbers on CV-19 and removes all the people who actually died of something else, like cancer or motorcycle accidents, you will find the numbers dramatically lower.  Like just a regular flu season, lower.   I'm not denying the disease, I'm sure it's out there still.  However I am vehemently challenging the narrative on this.   Go back to living.  The Lord will take you in his own good time.  We don't want to be stupid about it, hence I don't criticize your caution.  However, what happened in the last year to this country, and world wide, was nothing short of criminal fraud!   It's time this country and the world returned to living again whilst we still have a country left.