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Monday Mini

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Monday Mini
  • surgery.
    Friday evening I received a call from C screaming "Please help, bring a gun".
    We dashed out the door and as we were going out the gate, she came tearing up in the car with a bloody dog.

    She said it was a rabid fox attack and please go find it and the other outside dogs.
    She has chihuahuas sized dogs.
    It was Pistol that had gotten attacked.
    He is the tiniest and deaf.
    She realized he wasn't with her outside and saw him being attacked and dragged by a fox.
    She ran and beat the fox off.

    We went up to the arena where she said it happened. I dropped Pilot and he started searching for the fox.
    I drove up to the house and scooped up Hooch and drove around looking for Tuff.
    She had left the yard gate open when she ran to save Pistol.
    We searched for the fox but didn't find it.

    Pistol is having surgery this morning to reattached part of the roof of his mouth.
    Teeth were dangling. He lost some front toe nails and was badly shaken by the neck.
    And his face tore up but he is a tough little guy.

    We did ride yesterday due to our non rain showers.
    It was perfect weather.

    I put the water tub that Chica likes to drink out of during the day in her pen.
    Maybe she will like drinking out of it overnight too.

    Everyone have a great Monday!

  • I do hope Pistol will be okay.  However, if the fox really was rabid, Pistol will now be infected.  I hope he isn't, however...

    Nothing really interesting around here.  Just doing chores and putting up fences.