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Wednesday Wierdo

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Wednesday Wierdo
  • Stude thats a lot of salt.
    So I put a pinch of salt in Chica's 1 cup of soaked alfalfa pellets.
    Nope not eating that.

    I will try giving her 1 cup soaked beat pulp instead.
    At least that will require her to take in 3-4 cups water.
    The feed is only as a treat for them all to come in when called.

    Except Jet gets 3 C alfalfa and 2 C beet pulp 2 X daily.
    He doesn't keep weight on as easily anymore.

    All the storms have been going around us.
    We got 3/4 inch when some places got 8, 10 and even 14 inches.
    I just want enough to keep the pastures green and growing.
    And reduce our deficit.

    Everyone have a great end of the week!

  • Do you mix the salt in before or with the water?  you can try sprinkling some on top just before serving and start small.  Socks has been getting salt in his food for about seven years now.   Yeah, I know his present amount is a lot.  However, you asked what I was giving Socks, not what I recommended for your horse.  By the by, we have dropped the Epsom Salts from Sock's bucket as he is back to normal.  He only receives a bit of Himalayan salt now.  I buy it from the bulk bins at Winco (a big box supermarket).

  • Yes Stude I appreciate any and all info from you.

    I do mix in the salt with the water.

    Otherwise Sarcee and her little weirdo Chica would eat the pellets and leave the salt behind.

    Chica gobbled up the 1 cup of soaked beet pulp last night like it was the best thing ever.

    So I can try slipping in a pinch of salt and the electrolytes when they arrive.

    I'd rather have the mineral salt but TSC has been out forever.

    Have a great day!