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Monday Maybe Storms

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Monday Maybe Storms
  • Not enough rain to change any plans.
    Except B had to limit the number of invites to her graduation ceremony.
    We didn't go but spent the day with her yesterday.

    She and I did a short ride.
    And then Pilot decided an impromptu drive for pizza was in order.

    I added salt to Chica's feed and she refused it.
    Maybe she ate it overnight.
    I ordered some electrolytes to put in her feed.
    When it arrives I will try adding it a pinch at a time.
    And try the same with the salt.

    Stude - how many cups does Socks get each?
    And soaked in how much water??

    Jet is getting 2 cups beet pulp and 3 cups alfalfa pellets soaked in about 6 cups of water.

  • Socks gets three cups of soaked Beet Pulp at a time.   He likes it good and wet, however he doesn't like it too sloppy.  Mr Aristocrat and picky eater <roll eyes>.  Mixed into that are a variety of suppliments.  We are deficient in a number of needed minerals here in California.  So Jmebear buys a special suppliment to make up those deficiencies.  The minis get a sprinkle and Socks gets about half a cup.  Then he gets the yummy pellets, weather the Stable Mix from a central Valley miller (when he's working hard) or just Dumor Alfalfa pellets (when he's standing around fat and spoiled).  Then Socks gets a few tablespoons of the Epsom Salts sprinkled over the top of his feed.   Normally I give him a tablespoon or two of regular salt in the evening.  Often we buy the Himalayan salt for them.  I like the coarse grind, Jmebear likes whichever is cheapest.  Personally, I also like giving him a salt block in his feeder box.  So does he.  

    so the (thoroughly tongue-in-cheek) recipe is as follows:

    Keep in mind these are for a 1500# horse (who is probably 100 pounds overweight <sigh>... I don't work him enough, which he agrees with.)

    3C  soaked Beet Pulp  (expands 3X with water -- 2 C water <or more if you like> to 1 C pellets)

    1/2 C or less of supplementary minerals

    2-3 T of Electrolytes (if needed, like at horse shows or when the temp goes over 105) I follow the recommended dose on the package.

    2-3 C of Yummy pellets

    2 T of Epsom Salts (at present)

    2 T of regular salt (normally instead of the E. S.)

    Dump it all in the bucket (beet pulp first prevents the finer stuff from sticking, but you would likely already know that) and mix well.  Unless you have a Miss Bea Bea who doesn't like her yummies touching on her plate  <roll eyes>.  Yes, they're spoiled <shrug>.

    Socks is another one who colics from dehydration.  His sire died from it as did his Cousin Riverdance's Argentinian sire.  River was the same.  So we watch carefully how much water he consumes.  There you have it, the secret recipe. LOL

    I forgot, in the morning he gets three cups of (sloppy) soaked Beet pulp with the salt (at present).  Just working on getting him a bit more hydrated.  If your girl will eat it, she could have the stuff three times a day and it would keep her well hydrated.  Just reduce her hay a bit to compensate.

    EDIT to the Edit (PPS?):
    Yeah, some of this, like the salt, take working up to.  Socks will usually take whatever I throw in the bucket.  He LOVES the goodie bucket and a variety of contents even better!