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Tuesday Try Here

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Tuesday Try Here
  • Chica is home.
    I picked her up this morning.
    Dr. Matt didn't want to let her go until the oil started coming through.

    She was very dehydrated.
    None of the shufflers are big drinkers.
    I use to add salt to their feed but the girls eat around it so I gave up.
    Sarcee even eats around her probiotic powder.

    Anyone have tricks to get them to drink more?
  • Tractor supply has salt blocks in different flavours.   You might try and see if she'll sample a Peppermint flavoured block.

  • I haven't ever seen the flavored salt blocks.

    I will look.

    She is convinced everything is poison. She is the worst to worm..

    We did manage to get the majority of 1 of 3 huge electrolyte  syringes down.

    Only 2 more to go.

    I have tried everything, corn syrup, molasses, applesauce etc.. over the years to convince her that wormers are good..

    I ordered electrolytes to add to her feed and the others.

    Jet on the other hand, we finally took his salt blocks away because he sucks on them constantly.

    It's his 23rd birthday today.

    Everyone be well and have well horses.