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Saturday Still

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Saturday Still
  • So very sorry to hear Connie's loss of Whisper.

    Waiting for new hay to come in.
    Got a bundle of not great squares. $200!

    Hay barn said maybe another week for new hay.
    That's what they have said for 3 weeks.
    Rain in the forecast for next week so they wouldn't be cutting anyway.
    I only had about 5 bales left and the weekend to get past so I couldn't chance not getting any.

    My friend C officially retired so she of course bought another horse.
    Maybe she will ride with us Sunday.

  • Ohmigosh!!  I am so very sorry to hear about Whisper!  Poor Connie!

    I believe someone, possibly Hunter, mentioned before about Dana's fall.  So sorry to hear about that too.  I miss hearing from Dana now she has abandoned us for the collective at Facebook.  I wish one of my trailers was road-worthy, I would take you up on your suggestion, Hunter.  I'd like to see Riverside again.  I used to live not very far away from Dana.  Wrong side of the Freeway, I'm afraid.  #;-P

    Spent the day shifting old cars and getting rid of newer ones.  It's kind of funny how I keep hauling newer vehicles to the scrap yard with my old trucks.  Been doing it now for fifteen years.  First with a '65 Chevy and now with a '66.  Dave has been disassembling a Ford Expedition (what a beast!) and selling off the useable parts.  We tipped the body shell off the frame and moved the frame to another part of the yard.  Then we tipped the body back right-side-to and dragged it off.  Then we were able to move my '63 Studebaker wagon to a safer corner.  Love that car.  Especially how the roof in the back area slides forward.  Dave has been trying to talk me into rebuilding it and putting it back on the road.   Mayyyyybe.  I have to detangle the registration first.  It's a real mess.

    I've been really enjoying the weather this spring.   We've gotten just enough rain so that everything is in bloom.  The little native lilies are blooming and I love seeing them.  I realize we needed another month of rain, at the least, however for the moment I'll take the lovely weather we are now enjoying.  Let the coming long fire season take care of itself.

    Well, again, my deepest and most heartfelt sympathies to Connie.

    Be careful what you wish for Hunter.

    Hope everyone has as great of a weekend as I've been having.

  • On such a loss. RIP Whisper.

  • So, how's Chica this morning?  I tried to post to the Monday post and was unable for some reason.  Thought for a moment Facebook Jail extended to here.