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Monday Minus The Mud

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Monday Minus The Mud
  • Love the rain, hate the mud.
    We got 1-1/2 inches.
    Pastures are good and green again.
    Still no new hay but maybe next week.

    We have a cardinal who has been attacking the window for almost a week.
    I think I'll hang some newspapers up.

    Horses are due for worming and I should start feet since they are soft from the rain.

    I also hope to see the Grand Canyon someday.

    Everyone have a marvelous week!
  • DH, is it common for Cardinals to attack windows?

    Took Socks and Louie out yesterday.  Both were extra silly and (per usual) particularly Louie.  He was worse Saturday though.  Jmebear worked her boy so only Louie ended up in the neighbor's paddock.  He seemed quite content with the situation.

    So very tired lately...

  • We had a female cardinal all last summer sitting on the front porch and attacking the window. She is trying to chase her reflection off as the cardinal couple nest near the front porch.  

    Here is a 30 second video of her doing it and her hubby coming in to feed her.

  • I put newspapers up and it helped for part of the day.

    But he is back, still too much reflection.

    I will have to put the paper on the outside.

    I swear by melatonin for sleep.

    Get the bi-layered kind. There is a tri-layered one also.

    Many say the non layered causes nightmares.

    Life is harder without good sleep.

    Yesterday was hot and muggy.

    Today should be more pleasant.

    Have a nice one!

  • I have tried several types of Melatonin and it didn't work for me.

  • Stude, (hi) I did some research online and tried to follow all the recommendations. There were lots of things I wasn't doing and I figured if I cared about sleeping, I should try some of these things. I have good and "bad" nights. I really don't mind not sleeping for the most part. I mean I love to sleep but I try to accept it if I can't sleep. But I try not to pick up my phone, which can be difficult. I try to read.

    What part of CA are you again?

  • opposite from you Hunter!   I'm in the vicinity of Redding.  Gets about as hot as you, but also rains, so we have trees!  And fires...   Great country for horses up here though.