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Saturday Set
  • Contractors finished repairs yesterday so we scrambled to get our resale set to open today.
    So I need to work there today.

    More cold.
    Only high of 50 today.
    I hope it is the last blast.
    We plan to ride tomorrow, high will only be 60.

    I got a cube of squares yesterday.
    Still last years hay and more expensive.
    I am sure fuel costs are a contributing factor.

    Everyone have a warm, well day.

  • Have a wonderful suturday!!! I am going to buy this beautiful horse!!! So wish me luck!

  • Ugh. It's late. Sorry for the few and far between posts.

    I skated today but one of the ladies lost a wheel and didn't fall too hard. Went down on her knee pad.

    Dana is mending but it's a long road, another 8-10 weeks, I think she said. Shoulder blade, ribs, punctured lung... She's so thankful for her helmet or she may not still be with us. Her horse probably spooked at a deer but she doesn't remember and that's what her husband, who was riding with her, thinks.

    Finally got my dog fence up. ($cha-ching), priced shipping for both horses ($cha-ching), priced horse shelter... $8K and change. It's got to be wind proof and I want it to be long enough to block the view of the junk in the next lot. (36', enough for 3 horses, thinking future property sale) I think my mind is made up on that. I still don't have my corral panels in place but the fence guys also mounted two large, drive-through gates for me so I feel like I'm inching towards the goal. I've got to tell Dawn I'm looking at June before the shelters can be installed (and ship the horses, hopefully I'll have the money for both) which puts their arrival in the middle of hell-season here. UGH. I thought I'd have them here by now but the best laid plans...yadda yadda.

    I hope our base thrift store opens soon. I miss it.

    I guess I should go drink some Sleepytime Tea and wind down. Crazy days.

  • Glad to see you Hunterseat.

    Sounds like a big project.

    You plan to sell in the future?

    Everything seems to take at least twice as long as planned.

    I heard that Dana had a wreck but wasn't aware of the seriousness.

    I wish her wellness and total healing.

    Yay for helmet.

    The well at the cabin got pulled. all 300* feet.

    Of course it needs  a new pump that is on order.

    Won't know about the plumbing in the cabin until the well is up and running.

    I hope it is not a lot of problems.

    We already replaced the kitchen faucet because the previous one had blown apart and across the room.

    Pilot's nomad friend has been visiting for a few days.

    He leaves today.

    Pancakes breakfast for a send off.

    Then friends are coming for a ride about noon

    Good luck Stannik, that is a gorgeous horse!

    Have a great Sunday everyone.