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Friday Sweetie Pie

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Friday Sweetie Pie
  • Made it to Church on Sunday for the first time in months.  Woo Hoo!  Great service focusing on the reason for Christ's sacrifice and our salvation resulting from it.

    We have a new sweetiepie here.  She was born on Tuesday afternoon whilst we were at a friend's place driving the horses.  Sneaky lil' momma!

    Jmebear made a big fuss over her and made sure her little belly-button was dosed with betadine.  Then she went looking for the box of tiny new-born blankets as the little filly seemed to be cold (it was around sixty degrees).  We searched high and low for that box and never found it.  So Jmebear just whipped up a new one for her.  Now she's pretty in purple jammies!

  • Just realized this thread was for Monday and today's Thursday.  Tried to split the thread and the forum won't allow.  Ah well, I've been late most my life anyway! #;-P

  • Better late than never!  Congrats on the sweetiepie. Do horses ever deliver with a witness?

  • I moved it for you Stude.

    And yes what a Sweetie Pie!

    She must be tiny. Too cute in jammies!!.

    We saw our Chica born.

    When I went out to do night check as I headed back to the house passed Sarcee's stall her water broke.

    I ran back to the house to get Pilot.

    He wanted to take pics but she came so fast and then had difficulty getting out of the sack we had to help.

  • Congrats on buying a new horse!