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Sunday So Soon

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Sunday So Soon
  • I haven't gotten everything done this week.
    Per usual I guess.

    We have guests coming this evening.
    The neighborhood wants a get together to debrief about the ice storm.
    But my friends can ride this morning.

    I scrambled to get house and food ready.
    Pilot offered to mop and dust so I can ride.
    I am taking him up on it.

    Everything will work.

    I hope everyone finishes their weekend with some fun.

  • Hope you've had a great time!

  • Quiet Easter here. Weather was beautiful and we got a ride in Saturday. 2nd weekend in a row we got a ride in. Apache is much better when we can get consistent rides in.  Going to start adding a weekday ride in.

    Got my 2nd COVID shot Friday and the wife got hers Sunday. She had had a mild reaction to the 1st shot, she was exhausted afterwards, which is the main reason we did a quiet Easter, All food prepped in morning in case there were any issues with the shot. No issues this time. Perhaps the 1st time was because we had two grandkids staying that weekend! :-) The timing of the shots is perfect as we will be flying to Vegas for a couple days  in 2 weeks then driving to the Grand Canyon and on to Flagstaff. This year is our 25th anniversary and we had been planning this trip for about 5 years and booking everything just as COVID was hitting last year. Never dreamed we would still be dealing with it a year later.