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Friday again and

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Friday again and
  • I can't sleep.

    There has been a raccoon on my deck, the one I feed the birds on and he climbed up (BTW this is a story off the ground) and was trying to get past the air conditioner and into the house.  I don't like these animals anyway and this certainly did not endear him to me.  Had to tuck the danged appliance back in for the rest of the winter....  Now he comes up and eats the birdseed.  Put out a have a heart trap for him.  He circles it but does not go in...I know this because I have been up about once an hour checking.  Finally, at 4am I gave up and got up.  I just chased him off the deck again.  Persistent bugger.

    I have been looking at horses with the idea I can get one that will keep Whisper company and maybe give me two mounts so I can invite someone to ride with me?   Cal says he will after his hip replacement and then he says he won't.

    The weather has been in the fifties and sixties the past two days...it is bound to go back to freezing by the first of the week.  At least the snowbanks are getting smaller and I might be able to go and get a couple of rounds now....My gates are iced in but one more day of this kind of weather and I should be able to open them.  I open my last round today.  She is so wasteful that a round was going about twenty days.  Now it goes over a month. I am unrolling it and using a hay bag.  I got a fifty five gallon metal barrel, put some clamps around the top, and can put the hay bag in there, hook it over the clamps and then fill it.  Finally a plan that works.

    Hope all are well.  I need to get on here more often.  I miss you all.

  • I pull my bird feeders in every night because of Rocky Raccoon. I have a storage box on my deck but can't find the lock for it. Rocky can open it if there is no lock on it. Had Rocky and a opossum together on the deck the other night.  

  • Right now all I've got is a couple of stray cats. OH, I have a small leak in an irrigation head that the birds absolutely love. I guess they think it's Shangrala. Water in the desert. :) But with irrigation coming on twice a day (about 10 minutes each time) they stand no chance of dying of thirst.

    Speaking of cats, mine is getting on my last nerve. He's becoming aggressive towards the dogs and that's really  not fair. He's such a pain. He's attacked me 3 random times lunging at my face with his claws. Once I had my glasses on and he didn't really get me. Next time I had a paw pattern of punctures where he dug in to my face. The last time he got my eyelid (thank goodness our involuntary reactions are so fast) and dug into my temple which bled pretty well. Other than that he's a sweetheart. UGH! With all the health issues I still can't do him in. I'd love to figure out what's going on with him, though.

    Glad the workweek is over. I'm hoping to get some work done around this place. I have 6' chain link in the front I'm lining with rocks (which are plentiful). I have a bit more to do. I've got to get to Home Depot and get more spray paint to finish my little outdoor table & chair set. They're metal and I'm painting them yellow. I don't want to paint them black because they'll scorch the hide off you in the summer. Hoping yellow isn't as bad plus it's cheery.

    Roller skating tomorrow. YAY! That's got to be about my favorite thing to do. Very zen for me. Plus burns calories. We have a 10K course and it's really close to where I live.

    Priorities: 1. Dog fence, which will include a couple of horse gates being mounted. 2. Plumbing for washer finally. It's in the garage and I want to pressure wash and paint in there, then I'll put the flooring in. I have enough flooring to go under the laundry area. I'll get more later. It's just snap together matting. 3. Get back yard leveled to prepare for horse shelters plus I can put up the corral panels I got. I'm excited about that. 4. I have 3 windows to replace right off the bat, others later. 5. Finish upstairs apartment to rent. Somewhere in there get the horses.

    I may never get finished!!!!

    Connie you might have to shoot the little varmint. Probably find a good recipe. :)

  • Ingredients

    • 3-4
      (4-6 lb.) raccoons
    • 5 Tbsp
    • 2 tsp
    • 2 c
    • 1 c
    • 8 medium
      onions, peeled
    • 12 small
      bay leaves

    • 3
      loaves day-old bread, crumbled
    • 2 1/2 tsp
    • 1 tsp
    • 2 1/2 tsp
      rubbed sage
    • 4
      eggs, beaten
    • 1 pkg
      instant onion soup mix
    • 4
      celery stalks, chopped
    • 1/2 c
    • 4 c
      coon broth

    How to Make Roast Raccoon with Stuffing

    1. Skin, draw and clean raccoons soon after killing. Remove, without breaking, the brown bean-shaped kernels from under the forelegs and each thigh.
    2. Cut into pieces. Reserve meaty backs and legs for baking.
    3. Cook bony pieces in water for broth to make gravy and stuffing (recipe follows). Add a small amount of seasoning. Simmer until meat is tender; strain and use only the broth.
    4. Sprinkle back and leg pieces with salt and pepper. Then dredge with flour.
    5. Heat shortening in heavy skillet. Add meat; brown on all sides.
    6. Transfer pieces to roaster; add onion and bay leaves. Cover. Bake in 350° oven for 2 hours until tender.
    7. STUFFING:
    8. Prepare while meat roasts. Mix together day-old bread, salt, pepper, sage, eggs, onion soup mix, celery, butter and coon broth. Bake in shallow pan in 350° oven for 30 minutes.