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Tuesday Too

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Tuesday Too
  • many cloudy days forecast this week.

    We had a good ride Sunday.
    And the Pilot flew so he is in a better mood.

    Yesterday was spent with friends helping a friend.
    What is better than that?
    We got all my friend Kay's furniture moved to another friend's storage space.
    It will be brought to the resale shop after our water damage fix.

    Today starts with hauling water to the cows.
    Not sure what else. But it will be some kind of work for sure.

    Everyone have a terrific day!

  • My day is about done. I teleworked, got a lot done there. Then took the dogs for a good walk. It's a mile around the block and they like to move out so I get a good workout.

    I'm expecting a runner to stay with me in April. There's an event she will be running in. She's running a marathon with a donkey. They're coming from Colorado. She came in October and stayed here. I really love sharing my home. I just love it myself and most people  enjoy seeing it. It's not big or anything but it's got a lot of cool things about it. Anyway 150 runners have signed up, some running with donkeys, some without. Last time there were about 30 donkeys that came from Colorado. I think there are some Arizona donkeys coming too, this time. It's really close to where I live, too. About 5 miles.

    I've got a big black dog now, Irish Wolfhound/Lab/Golden mix who looks mostly like Irish Wolfhound. I keep trying to call her Maggie. Honestly I don't really like her name - Sally. But it's what she knows. I've known old people who keep naming pets the same name as the last. I always thought that was dumb. Not so much now! LOL It's going to take time for all of us. Little Foxy dog is doing well. The cat is a total butt head. I'm so close to not even liking him anymore. He's living on borrowed time. So many health issues, terrorizing the dogs and attacking me in my face (3 different times). Part of the health issues, he throws up sometimes more than once a day. He can barely keep food down. I try to feed him teensy amounts so it will stay down. He's wearing me out.

    Better get to sleep.

  • There are special feeders for cats with your kitty's issue.  They are on a timer...around the clock , and  dispense a small amount of kibble at regular intervals....A friend had one for her cat.

    Good to see you here.

  • I had a really good day. Hope you did as well!