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Wednesday Work

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Wednesday Work
  • Can't seem to catch up.
    To do list is getting longer.

    Spent yesterday helping a friend and taking a truckload of donations to our resale.

    The horses feet need attention as well as grooming. Too cool for baths.

    I hope all is well.

  • Two weeks ago I found the fence down between where I tore down the TravelEze and the horse's paddock.  I had the area fenced off as I still haven't cleaned the mess up and there was quite a lot of sharp and dangerous debris that could be a problem if the horses got into it.  So, finding the fence down, I decided to fold it back and haul some of that out and back to Fawn Lodge.  Problem is, I didn't get enough.  Day before yesterday, I let the horses out there, forgetting about the open fence and they spent the day in that paddock.  Louie and Socks had the good sense to stay away from the debris.  Dusty, was curious.  As payment for his curiosity he has several lacerations and scrapes.  Curiosity just might kill the horse too.  Not in this case though.  I have to get that mess cleared up and/or the fence repaired before they can go out there again.  Poor ponies, no recess/playtime for a while.

    Work continues at Fawn Lodge on establishing a shop and storage.  I will find out what George thinks of it all this coming week.

    I hope everyone has a great week.

  • Just a quick hello.  

    life has been super dull....but no major issues so that is good,

    Hope all are healthy and that those hit by storms are recovering.