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Tuesday Trials

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Tuesday Trials
  • Pilot spent yesterday trying to find enough plumbing parts to get cabin water system going enough to water cows.
    There is limited supplies with everyone in the same boat.

    We burned up 2 chainsaws clearing the cabin area just to be able to work on pipes if he can get water flowing.
    I am sure there will be no chainsaws and or parts available either.
    We have a big saw left once attention is directed back from water fixing.

    Many are still waiting for pawer restoration including many friends and my Sis.

    I was able to let horses out late yesterday afternoon.
    The fence is ok although much brush to be cleared.

    We got the electric fence up at the cabin. So cows sty out of yard.
    No errant livestock has shown up so the perimeter fence must be holding.
    It will be checked today.

    I hope all are well.
  • Guess who got internet? Finally, right? After years. Makes teleworking a whole lot easier than pulling data off my phone's hotspot.

    Mary, how are you powering your computer? And what do you need in supplies? Let me send you stuff!!! What's got to be frustrating is the nickel/dime stuff you just can't get. Seriously, send me a list of whatever you guys need!

    I was so proud to read Pilot's post on fb about your survival skills. Way to go. It's got to be wearing you out.

    I'm just sorry Texas is going through this mess.

    I got a lot of corral panels and stuff to start to get the yard set up for the horses. I'm determined. I have to get the land leveled before setting up the panels. It's not bad but there's brush to clear. I have a vacant lot beside me that will be my turn-out area I probably won't be doing much to that. It's full of creosote bushes. Supposedly those are okay for horses to eat. I'll try to take it slow with that. Actually I'm going to do more research and get them taken out if there's a problem. I could borrow a donkey or two. They'll eat them in a NY minute.

    The front fence around the yard was a rickety, odd-looking thing. I got 6' chain link installed. The sides are wood privacy fence which will eventually be replaced since wood doesn't hold up out here. Even though it's fenced in the back, stock-wire, I'm going to section off part way back with more 6' chain link to keep the dogs in a good enclosure. Plenty of running room. Then the horse enclosures will be in the back.  So far so good.

    I hope all are well, too. I'm calling it a night. I'm having an adventure tomorrow. :) Good to be on.