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Saturday So Far

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Saturday So Far
  • so good.
    We still have power. (and generators if needed)
    Many areas here are without power.
    Means no water or heat.

    A number of my friends have been without power for a couple days now.
    Sis's power went out yesterday afternoon.

    Power lines coming down as fast as they are fixed.
    More ice and snow coming today.
    And unprecedented cold temps.

    I-10 closed in many spots.
    Roads here will become impassable this afternoon.

    We will trudge along.
    Thankful I got an extra load of hay.
    And that I have blankets for the horses.

    I hope all are well, safe and warm.
  • Funny how Texas and California are such polar opposites.  In California, our power is shut off when it's too hot and windy.  In Texas, you lose power when the weather is ice and snow.  Funny how that works...  Jmebear, like a whole lot of other people, was forced to buy a generator not quite two years ago.  I even adapted her well so that it would run off the Genny.

    Lots of rain up here in No. Cal.  Although today dawned pouring down, it is now beautiful with fluffy white clouds decorating the lovely blue sky.

    Tried the new four-wheeled-dogcart on Socks yesterday.  Perfect fit.  Problem is, the trace hooks are missing from it.  Being I would much rather use a single-tree, I will concentrate on setting that up in lieu of spending twenty-some-odd dollars on the hooks.  Until I remember to get that in my truck from Fawn Lodge, I won't be able to use it.  Heavy little bugger.  Socks is not going to be happy!   He's such a spoiled pansy!  No time to drive him as we had to retrieve the sheepies from the breeder.  Now they are both in the motherly way, and we are hoping for lambs in May or June.

    Got a nice note from my youngest Daughter.  She said she and her older Brother were thinking of me.  L thinking of me is a comfort.  A is a bit... worrisome.  Was he fondly remembering me or having another Charlie Manson moment?   That young man has serious... issues.  He always has.  She sent me a nice Christmas card this year and for once her husband was on it.  I was glad to see that.  

    Well, I have stalls to clean.  Oh... joy.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and a blessed Sunday.

    By the by, I wasn't able to log in for days.  The site wouldn't accept my password even after doing the change procedure.  Took a number of tries and was locked out twice (too many tries) several times.  Weird.

  • Rain Rain Rain. Lots of it here and no end in sight. Let the horses out for a couple hours yesterday. Once they crowded around the shelter it was time to bring them in, they had had enough. It was a light rain, but cold.

    I tried to change my password here as this site is on a list of sites that has been compromised. It will not let me change it.