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Thursday Terrible

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Thursday Terrible
  • Weather.
    Was up at 5 also Connie.
    It starte dot rain and thunder.
    Fine but it was 25 degrees.
    Gave horses hay as soon as there was a break.
    Then back out after breakfast.

    Every gate latch frozen solid, all 7.
    Fed hay agin and added hot water to the water tubs.

    Then off to feed cows.
    4 more frozen gates.
    Gave them 2 tubs of hay and tended both troughs.
    Crawled across ice covered porch to go in and check cabin.

    Then into town to get extra strip heaters and make sure all was well at house.
    2 frozen gates and an iced over door knob.
    Fueled up Pilots truck and back home.
    Just in time to give more hay to the horses.
    Done with chores at about 1:30.

    Good thing is our power has stayed on.
    Some areas out due to iced trees and branches falling on lines.

    Everyone stay warm.

  • I am glad you are safe.  I saw that there were some terrible accidents in Texas due to freeing rain.