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Wednesday Watching

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Wednesday Watching
  • the weather.
    Rain and cold coming in and then snow and arctic cold.
    It will be a long weekend.

    I did get 2 bales of alfalfa for Jet.
    And the hay barn had some nice coastal so I grabbed another load.
    They said their usual supplier has run out of hay.
    I should have enough to get by until April's new cuttings.

    I hope everyone has a nice rest of the week.
  • It is Thursday but did not want to start a new thread....I have been awake since four...it is now five.  I started the fire back up and am getting my first cup of the day from the keurig.  Too early and too dark to go to the barn.

    I am seriously considering a companion for Whisper...she and the cats seem to get along but she really does seem to get lonely....she likes to have me with her and it is too danged cold to be at the barn for very long.

    I finally figured out a way to load a hay bag from the round bales so the hay waste is reduced big time.  I put some heavy clamps on the rim of a 55 gallon barrel , hand the bag from them, fill it, and then hoist it up outside of her stall...hook it back to the stall gate with a double snap.  That way I don't have the mess in the stall and don't worry about miss talented getting a body part stuck in the hay bag.  I still use rope bags.  Afraid she might chew on the plastic.

    Hope all are well.