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Dust Pneumonia

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Dust Pneumonia
  • A friend called last night and said he has a new horse that was diagnosed (I am thinking pre-purchase, but didn't ask, I was asleep when the phone rang) with something called Dust Pneumonia.  He says she is coughing but not snotting.  Apparently she is a really nice horse.  

    Anyhoo, does anyone out there have any experience with this?  success rate with treatment?

    Thanks a lot....if care and meds will make her better, she might come here for care.
  • Hmmmm...Haven't heard of that yet. [>:]
  • He hadn't, either.  I did a search and it seems people got it in the 30's when there was all the dust bowl stuff going on.  Not much info found on horses having it...at least not in my searches.  He says she came from Colorado (at least that is where he picked her up) and she has a cough, no snotting, and was assured it was a vet diagnosis of the dust pneumonia and that she does not have the heaves.  The best I could find was to be sure the horse stays hydrated so that they can get that crap out of their lungs.  Was hoping someone where it is hot and dry might have heard of it and could give me a better idea of how to go about treating it.  She is a ten year old registered mare and is supposed to be very well broke.

  • I didn't find anything different than you yet...
  • Hi, I ride a 28 year old Arabian gelding who is a retired endurance horse. We are in So Cal where summers are very hot and dry and occasionally we will be out on trail, climbing elevation and he will give a cough or two. I got really concerned at first, and when the ride was over I swept out any dust in his stall and that seemed to stop it. Since then, if he ever coughs when I am riding him, I do the same thing and clean any dust from his stall. We don't have the best air quality here, so that may be an added factor. He doesn't have any other symptoms, like nasal discharge or fever, just every now and then will cough when his stall gets dusty.

  • I think he means dust allergies. Maybe it has something to do with the horse's bedding? Has he tried changing the bed with different types of dust?