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Newest addition to Heart's Content Ranch!

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Newest addition to Heart's Content Ranch!
  • Born May 19th, a registered Quarter horse filly. She is a beautiful buckskin with a neat blaze. I can't figure out how to post a picture. She is very strong..no wobbling about like most foals trying to figure out how to use their long legs. ...and a speed demon! Runs everywhere she goes. I have a pic of her with galloping with only one foot touching the ground! This filly can FLY!
  • YAY!!! I can't post big yet here either. Stude and Connie can, probably more. Maybe they can pm you their address to email it to them? But Stude has dial up.

    But congrats on your baby!!!

  • i can't do much,too. i just got this account like 20 seconds ago. awsome foal! must be smart and strong.

  • My  filly is independent and has the potential to be a great performance horse.  Slide stops and spins on her own while playing.  I am going to list her for sale.  Just have to give her a name and set a price.  

  • I can't get a horse let alone a foal until we move. Wow though. What are you naming her?

  • Can I friend you? Your seem nice. :)

  • Littlebit is nice! She's pretty scarce here now, unfortunately. Where are you moving to?