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Tyla and Baby Macy...*baby pics pg2*

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Tyla and Baby Macy...*baby pics pg2*
  • Earlier this week I answered the door to find a tearful lady and a lame mare.  Lady says she's seen our fat & shiny horses and knows we could help, and to please take this mare.  Since I'm a softie and there was no way I was making this poor mare get back into a trailer, I said ok.
    Meet Tyla:

    We've been getting bits and peices of Tyla's story filtering in and it's not pretty.  Seems that 5 months ago, a horse trading #%$^ (pardon my french) loaded 15 horses in a 4-horse stock trailer to take to auction.  4 horses went down in the trailer, Tyla being one of them.  Someone else bought all 4 at the auction for $50.  This mare was with the original buyer for 4 months, then passed through a couple hands in a couple short weeks before coming to this lady, who didn't have the money but couldn't leave her there to suffer.

    Notice that Tyla's favoring her left front?  Want to know why?  We're waiting for stronger x-ray equipment to arrive, but our vet strongly suspects her shoulder was broken in the accident.  So these 'people' watched her limp around for 4 months like that, and did nothing...and some farrier must have seen her like that, as her hooves had been trimmed recently EXCEPT for the good front leg (since she obviously couldn't put weight on the bad leg to trim the good).
    Our vet also confirms that she is at least 20 years old and pregnant, and should foal within the month (I kinda figured, since she's bagged up and has other signs).  While I am torn between the options of putting her down immediately or letting her keep going at least until the foal is born, I can't let her have carried this baby for almost 11 months and just throw it's life away.  Doc confirms she's okay for now; she's learned to carry herself a little differently and stand differently so she's not in AS MUCH pain as she was when it was fresh.  As soon as the foal is born, we are looking into having mama tranq'd so we can lay her down to trim her good foot and take a little stress off that leg.  We should also hear within the next few days about having stronger x-ray equipment brought in to fully check the shoulder (I could take her to a place about an hour away, but on 3 legs-swaying in a trailer-WITH baby weight...I can't do that to her.)
    So for now, Tyla is resting comfortably in her stall and has free turnout to a corral during the day and pasture in the afternoon/evening.  She's getting good food and hay and lots of grooming and 'scratches', which she loves, although she is rather fearful still, especially of men.  She does seem comfortable at the moment, her ears are always pricked forward when she walks and she does put a little weight on the leg.
    So I guess what I'm saying is... I lurk here a lot to see everybody's baby pics, and I know how supportive you all are with each other when someone's 'expecting'... I need some good folks to send happy thoughts and prayers for a safe delivery Tyla's way...
  • OH, that is just terrible. How can people be so cruel? They probably wouldn't put 5 dogs in a kennel made for one, but they put all those horses in a 4-horse trailer? Retards... [:@]  lol...
    Anyway, are you excited about the foal? I wonder what breed the stud was? Tyla is like a Paint-Arab or close to it, right? A draft foal would be cute with her, but she would be bigger... You wont know until it is born. I hope that Tyla does well with the birth, and both her and the baby survive. She's a strong girl. 20 years old, pregnant, broken shoulder, stuffed in a trailer, and being passed around so much. I think she's got a couple more years left in her if she's went through all that in the past year.

    Good luck!

    P.S. She looks really happy with all that straw to lay down in!
  • Not the same idiot from TN who broke down in Texarkana?!  Anyway she's beautiful and I'm so thankful you've stepped in to help!!!  Please keep us updated!! 
  • Her perky face is just precious!  Hard to believe anyone could be so callous....... at least her broken road led her to you.  Keeping my fingers crossed for an easy birth and healthy baby, plus maybe good news for her shoulder.  Hang in there Tyla!!  Does she maybe have some TW in her.  That struck me for some reason.
  • Thanks, ladies!  I will pass on your happy wishes to Her Highness ':)'.  She's decided she's the Royal Princess and insists on being treated as such.  She's got a lot of attitude starting to show as she calms down.
    Hunterseat, I don't think so...this guy was fairly local.  I have his name and he comes from a family of horse abusers.  Recently heard a worse story than this about one of his nephews but it's too sad to share ':('
    Horsegirl, I AM excited, but nervous too!  ':)'  Word has it she was very skinny until about a month ago, and that combined with the injury and her age, I worry.  I had guessed her as paint/arab too, lol!  She's pretty small (I haven't sticked her but I'm guessing around 13hh, maybe smaller) so I don't think we'll get a tall baby, but as long as it's healthy I'll be happy.
    I got a chuckle this weekend when the lady who brought her here came back to check on her.  She said Tyla never laid down when she had her; that cracked me up, since it seems like she lays down ALL THE TIME now!  Every time I peek out the window I can see straight into her stall door and I see her ears or her tail on the ground, so I'm running out through the yard thinking it's baby time and she just looks at me like, "What? I'm just taking a nap...".  ':)'
    One of my older geldings has a huge crush on her and rarely leaves the fenceline or the next-door stall when she's up and around.  She had just been ignoring him until yesterday morning when I let him in with her.  He ignored her and went straight out to her little pasture, and she had the biggest shocked look on her face.  Like she couldn't understand why he wasn't paying her the attention she deserved, lol!
    She got a bath this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed her 'Royal Spa Treatment'.  Still no wax though, so we just keep waiting.  Here she is after her bath:

  • [:@]AWWWW! The stupid @$$  i hope he gets caught.
    [':('] i hope the baby and the mamma will be ok! Good luck with all of this and keep us updated!
  • Such a horrible thing to happen to your new girl. But at least she is with you now. I hope the foaling goes easy for her. It will relieve alot of weight she's been carrying. I hope the news on the shoulder isn't as bad as you fear. Keep us updated !
  • Pasture ornament isn't such a bad title! [':)']  Here's mine getting a massage.
  • danastark, is it the parked-out look that suggests TW?  I just don't know; she's tiny and has such a dished face and a high tailset, it just said Arab to me.  It's entirely possible she could be TW and just small; she can't move fast enough to see if she's gaited though, so I don't know.  I've thought about putting an ad in the paper, kind of a "Do You Know This Mare?" thing, but I'm still thinking on it.
    Still no baby, still no wax...COME ON, TYLA!!! ':)'  The neighbors are all super excited too; they're taking turns checking on her while I'm at work.  And we did find a vet with some stronger x-ray equipment; he'll be coming out on the 26th.
    You're right, hunterseat; pasture ornament's not a bad thing.  I'm still waiting on the x-rays to make any final decisions.  ':(' ':)'
  • She might just stand that way to relieve her shoulder.  I think a little QH/paint type horse.  My horse farm neighbors have SSH's that are small.  They are TWH's basically.  Their studs are both so they have to decide how they want the babies registered.
  • I think it is her coloring more than anything that made me think TWH.  I've seen a lot that have the roaning, lots of chrome and blue eyes.  She does have a cute little Arab head.  I could be totally wrong ':)'  Come on baby!!
  • Pusher babies!  http://www.walkerswest.com/Champs/ThePusher.htm 
    Also, Blue, down the road (Silhouette's Snowstorm) is a blue roan, not real big. 
  • Wow that's a sad story but I'm glad she's found someone to take care of her!  Here's to a quick safe delivery and a happy healthy foal!
  • Thank God that you were able to take her in.... I can't believe some people. sigh
    You will definitely have to post pics of the foal.
    I would just keep mama as long as you can. It would be nice if she could nurse her foal for 5 months anyway...

  • Update please????