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Finally! 5-29-14

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Finally! 5-29-14
  • Hello everyone! Wow. It has been a long time since I was last on here.
    Anyways, wanted to let everyone know that was waiting for me that Lyric has a new filly! She was born on 5-29-14. Beautiful chestnut rabicano with a big blaze down her face..

    Unfortunately, I don't know how to add pictures on the new layout??? Help?? Thanks!

  • 1.jpg
    I got a picture!! Here she is! :) Her barn name is Treble!
  • Congratulations on your filly.  Don't see a picture.  I haven't figured that one out either....

  • When you pick Use Custom Text Editor at the bottom instead of Post Reply. Then there's a little icon on the toolbar that looks like a photo (sort of) and it's "Insert Media". Then you browse and choose your picture. The one I posted last didn't need re-sizing but it was from a phone.

  • i guess i need to figure out how to resize pictures!

  • [How cute!