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2014 Breeding Plans

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2014 Breeding Plans
  • Hey! So I just confirmation that my mare is in foal to Rhocky Rhoad! This is him! Is anyone else planning on any 2014 foals?

  • He's a beauty! Can you tell me something about him? Explain his color, etc? And what about your mare? Got any pictures? Was the stud fee expensive? 
  • Rhocky Rhoad is a sabino arabian stallion out of Khartoon Khlassic(sire) And PC Padrona Bey(dam)

    His stud fee was $1050.

    My mare is dapple grey Arabian out of Kalypso ESQ(sire) and Bow's Little Birdie(dam)

    This is Rhocky's Sire: 

    This is another one of Rhocky:

    This is My Mare, Lyric: 

  • Thanks! Those are wonderful pictures of some amazing animals! Looking at your background I'm thinking midwest? (the pic background) I'm in Hawaii but have been looking all over at job openings. I saw ones in Nevada, Kansas and Nebraska that all look similar in landscape. We have people in Colorado, too and their pictures look similar where they live. 

    You are going to have one gorgeous baby!!!  Best wishes for an easy delivery. Is this her first? 

    I'm really glad you got on here - that's some fine scenery!! [':D'] We have some die-hard Arabian fans, too. There's nothing more beautiful!
  • Yes, This is her first. We are in Colorado
  • Beautiful sire!  You are sure to have a winner with your new foal!   I am only having one baby this year.  Had two last year.  Got lucky and had  two AQHA  palomino fillies both of which are for sale.  Am thinking about breeding my 3 year old smoky black stud to my two buckskin mares this year.    

  • Oh found this post on 2021. Thinking of buying this arabian mare. . But I wasn't sure about buying. Now I think it is sign.

  • Oh! He is defintely looking great. You actually did take a great photo of your mare. It seems like your horse is very well taken care of. Well, great job for it! Also, I kind of curious how you decided to own a horse? Do you previously have your own family farm or your looked for a place where you can take care of a horse? How much is your budget monthly? I just want to make sure before I fully invest in buying my own horse back in my hometown. Thank you for sharing this! Have a great day!