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Blue Roan Stallion at Stud

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Blue Roan Stallion at Stud
  • Top-quality blue roan stallion at stud on California

    Blue Smokin Pistol At Stud

  • Looks like a bay roan.
  • Lol, he looks blue to me but sometimes it's hard to tell.  I hate that we have to register colts so early.  I know I have a hard time figuring out if they're gray, blue roan or bay roan before they're in their yearling to two-year-old year.
  • Hey, I'm in Riverside also!  Love his coloring, whichever it is ':)'  We're out in the Mockingbird Cyn area.
  • Yes, regardless of color, he IS a beauty.  Maybe it's the lighting in the pic.
  • Oh he IS pretty!  Check this out.  (looking at my Equine Color Genetics book)
    "Roan on black is generally called blue roan, although some people call these black roans.  When roan combines with brown, seal brown, and  mahogany bay, the slight redness shows through and the result is called purple roan, although many people tend to lump all of these with blue roan."  (2nd edition, pg.66)  It goes into the Genetic Control, which makes my head hurt.  "..the roan allele is symbolized Rn (then little Rn up higher) RnRn (like Rn to the Rn'th power)  Okay, AppyLady needs to show up any time!  Or jungle_cat.  I'm outa here!  (but I love your horse and love you do AI!)
  • Beautiful horse! He looks like a bay or brown roan to me, but he sure is nice.
  • According the genetics book it's not really incorrect to call him blue.  I guess he's been tested?  Anyway, even though I'm partial to my Bay Roan Zagnut (and the book calls that a red roan) I think this boy is even prettier!